5 good reasons to buy a new car


Since last November some of you have been checking your bank balances and doing the math on whether or not you can afford a new motor. You see more and more new cars on the road and you think maybe you’d like one yourself. Below are five reasons that we can think of for buying a new car.

Good Deals
There are some great 161 deals out there. Manufacturers are giving away optional extras for next to nothing and some will even offer great trade-in or scrappage deals on your old metal. Watch out though. You may see ads from dealers saying that they are “offering up to €4,000 scrappage”, and in some cases (not all) it is just that – “up to €4,000. So don’t be thinking that all of a sudden your old 1988 Vectra is worth €4k, because it’s not!

PCP Finance
PCP finance is thriving on the Irish market and some manufacturers are offering interest rates as low as 0%. These deals can be excellent but you should be fully aware of the terms and understand the contract that you are signing up to. Read the small print and understand the deal before you commit. Follow the small print or your guaranteed minimum value at the end of the contract may be less than you first thought.

New Car Smell
That new car smell is hard to beat. In our profession we get to sit in new cars many times per week. To be surrounded by the interior of a brand new car is one of the nicest feelings on the road. It’s a bit like fresh cut grass at the start of spring.  It’s time to get the cash out from under that mattress and treat yourself – you’ve always dreamt of a new car.

With the average age of a car now being over 8 years, your banger probably isn’t as reliable as it once was. New cars come with great warranties that generally span from three to eight years. This is one of the comforts that comes with buying a new car. Once again, read the small print on the warranty page. You must fulfil all of the specified obligations.

Safety and Technology
New cars are generally safer and jam-packed with the newest in vehicle technologies. Many manufacturers are following the likes of Volvo and Mercedes-Benz by focusing on excellent safety technologies. Everything’s available now, from systems that will make sure that you don’t roll back on a hill start to driver fatigue awareness technologies – that’s right, if some new cars think that you’re getting drowsy they start showing you a red coffee decal that means it’s time to take a break!

This article recently featured in the Sunday World newspaper’s Motormouth pages. Our list of five reasons not to buy will follow soon.


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