Our Services

Apart from the Motorhub website, the Motorhub Team has pooled their skill sets to offer business to business services to the media and motor industry alike. Our skills include, but are not limited to, content creation for media outlets, video creation and production.

Our services include, writing, videoing, directing, editing, script writing, podcasting, etc.

If your business is looking for video or content of any description, please let us know. In terms of video, we can cater for all types of shots, including; static, slider, gyro cam, aerial helicopter and drone, tracking, steadycam, walkarounds, GoPro, Minicams and much more.

We can create product video, dealer profile video, ad campaigns and much more.

For example, we could take all of your vehicles and create bespoke films of each one that you can send to potential customers or use in any way that you see fit.

We would love the opportunity to do business with you and create excellent videos to help you sell your product.

If this is something that you might need please contact Michael Sheridan at the number or email below.

E-Mail: michael@motorhub.ie