Hydrogen Bus Trials in Ireland


Toyota’s zero emission hydrogen fuel cell powered bus has arrived to test on Irish roads for ‘real world’ trial. The bus features the same Hydrogen Fuel Cell stack that is used in the Toyota Mirai passenger car. The use of hydrogen as a fuel for cars and heavy-duty vehicles represents for some the pinnacle of zero-emissions, environmentally sustainable transport, with water as its only emission. Members of the Hydrogen Mobility Ireland group, Toyota, DCU, CIE, Bus Eireann, Dublin Bus, BOC and ESB have come together with CaetanoBus and the Department of Transport to introduce this trial of a Caetano fuel cell bus to Ireland. The trial, which will be carried out by Bus Eireann, Dublin Bus, DCU and Dublin Airport, aims to test the sustainable technology in a working environment. From Monday 9th November, the Hydrogen-powered bus has been on the roads of Dublin and the surrounding area and will continue for a period of six weeks. The Toyota Fuel Cell System in the bus features both fuel cell technology and hybrid technology. The fuel cell consumes hydrogen fuel and air to produce electrical power for the vehicle, with water as the only by product. In line with its declared vision of a decarbonised society, Toyota is promoting the application of its hydrogen fuel cell technology beyond passenger cars, including heavy-duty trucks, small delivery trucks, forklifts and buses.

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Steve Tormey, Chief Executive of Toyota Ireland commented on the announcement: “Working with the team in Hydrogen Mobility Ireland, we are delighted to announce the arrival of the first hydrogen powered bus to Ireland. Toyota’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology is seen as a powerful tool in the battle against climate change, and allows us to move toward a carbon-free environment. As we strive to decarbonise transport in Ireland, we need to continue to increase our efforts in order to achieve this. Toyota has been at the forefront of innovation in alternative fuel technologies with our extensive hybrid range, and now the ultimate goal is to create a better world for future generations. Fuel Cell technology, along with self-charging hybrids and battery electric vehicles sets us on the path to do so. We at Toyota Ireland believe that the arrival of the CaetanoBus trial is a pivotal step on this journey.”

At Motorhub we say hydrogen is a fantastic fuel source to power electric vehicles but it makes sense right now in larger vehicles like buses and trucks where you can have a fuel station on the user’s site/premises. We are still a long way from hydrogen being available at the forecourt and while we have driven and tested a number of fuel cell cars, hydrogen will not be the fuel source of our daily drivers for some time to come. That said Toyota has to be applauded for its pioneering work in this area and its persistence.

Pictured: Steve Tormey Chief Executive of Toyota Ireland, and Minister for Climate Action, Communication Networks and Transport Eamon Ryan TD, at the launch of the Toyota fuel cell powered bus in Ireland.


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