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Motorhub went virtually to Paris today to hear more from the motoring giant conglomerate Stellantis about its plans for hydrogen fuel cell powered commercial vehicles (FCVs). Hydrogen power is on the way and we know how green the fuel can be when produced in an environmentally sound way. According to Stellantis fuel cell power is perfect for commercial vehicles. The abundant element can provide the solution right now to zero emissions motoring. Stellantis showed us a mid-sized fuel cell van with a 400km range and better still a 3 minute refueling time. According to its statistics 80% of daily van users do less than 200km per day. Stellantis says its vehicle is perfect for city use but can also take on a country run if needed.

So in essence with a fuel cell vehicle you have an electric powered van with an electric motor turning the wheels. The electricity comes from a combination of a PHEV plug in rechargeable battery (mounted under the front seats) and a hydrogen fuel cell system that creates electricity. Production of the mid size fuel cell van is not far away and testing mules are on the roads with Opel special vehicles division in Germany.

The fuel cell system goes under the bonnet like an engine. The 700bar hydrogen fuel tanks are mounted under the rear floor in three separate gas tanks. The hydrogen tanks are in the same place as the electric only version’s battery pack is mounted. The cargo area in the FCV remains the same as the ICE or battery only version.

Peugeot, Citroen and Opel will each have a branded version of the new fuel cell van. Sadly for now the van will only be built in LHD (left hand drive). Delivers of the first vehicles will start by the end of this year. Vauxhall and FIAT will have to wait for access to the tech despite being members of the huge Stellantis group of companies.
Stellantis says it is at the start of it zero emissions journey. No indication of pricing was given.


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