Mercedes-Benz E-Class Irish launch Review


Monday afternoon at Palmerstown House in Co. Kildare saw the launch of the brand new and 10th generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class onto the Irish market.

The E-Class is a massively important car for Mercedes-Benz having sold over 13 million examples globally since its inception and dealers in Ireland expect it to match expectations by being their largest selling model on the Irish market.


The 10th generation has taken somewhat of a leap forward in terms of technology. While the flagship S-Class has always been the benchmark for showcasing the latest in technology, the new E-Class is following closely in its tracks with a number of new features that demonstrates an era of autonomous and accident free driving. Yes ladies and gentlemen, the future appears to be here. With the use of your mobile phone, you will be able to remotely manoeuvre your brand new Mercedes in and out of narrow parking spots, if you are unable to gain access to the car due to tight space. Depending on your model choice, the new ‘Drive Pilot’ system will enable the owner to engage functions such as speed control, braking, acceleration, gear changing and an ability to avoid potential hazards.

The new E-Class will be available with a choice of three specifications. These are Avantgarde, Exclusive & AMG. For the first time, Mercedes are allowing potential new owners the opportunity to mix and choose interior and exterior styling packs, so you can have an Exclusive interior with an AMG exterior for example. There are also some new additional styling packs available to enhance the look of the car and make it more customisable for customers.

mercedes-benz e class

Sitting into the new Mercedes E-Class, you are met by an impressive new interior that reflects the design ethos of the latest Mercedes range, sleek, flowing, packed with technology and finished with the highest quality materials. The standout feature of the new model is, if you opt for it, the single screen design that incorporates both the instrument cluster and infotainment system into one. Without this option, the instrument cluster did look a little less impressive in comparison, featuring a neat separate 7 inch screen for the infotainment system.

Packed with the brand new 220d engine, a unit that Mercedes spent €2.6 billion developing, it is claimed to be 17% lighter, consume just 3.9l/100km and emit C02 levels of just 102g/km (road tax €290). Power is a decent 194bhp and an impressive 400Nm. Driving the new E-Class is a very different experience to the outgoing model. It instantly feels more dynamic with a brand new chassis and suspensions setup that really makes it feels like it will give the BMW 5 Series a run in terms of dynamics. Out goes the softer ride and in comes a supple and dynamic configuration that makes the new E-Class an enjoyable and engaging car to drive.

The E220d Avantgarde has a starting price of €52,850 ex works, with Exclusive and AMG models starting from €55,210 and €57,650 respectively. Also on the way are three further engine options that include an E350D starting at €66,900, an E350 hybrid and a V6 E350d.

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