Michelin set for a gripping winter!


French tyre maker Michelin says now is the time to prepare your car for the Winter conditions that may come our way… and we agree.

In winter, as temperatures head into single figures, the advice from Michelin is that motorists would fit tyres designed specifically for winter conditions with compounds that remain flexible to improve grip and braking. In this respect, the launch recently of its CrossClimate+ tyres that are built to offer improved traction on snow-covered or wet and cold roads as well as deliver year-round performance.

Designed to counter the changeable weather that constantly afflicts Irish roads, Michelin says the new range offers the benefits of a summer tyre for dry and wet braking, energy efficiency and total mileage, while also boasting the braking performance and traction of a winter tyre on cold and snow-covered roads – with little difference in performance as the tyre tread wears down.
Following a series of extensive independent tests, Michelin’s CrossClimate+ range – currently available in 15 to 18-inch sizes – has recently been named as the ‘best all-season tyre’ by UK motoring magazine Auto Express.
According to the publication, the launch of the CrossClimate in 2015 “shook up the world of all-season tyres”, and now the CrossClimate+ builds on this with improved performance and durability.

At Motorhub we recommend ‘all-weather’ or ‘all-season tyres’ to anyone who is concerned about the level of grip this winter in Ireland – especially if they have a rear whee drive car as this type of tyre will deliver a better blend of traction and grip. We drive on summer or standard tyres in Ireland due to our mild climate but all weather tyres are blended to off the best of both summer and winter tyres in a one tyre solution. Winter rated tyres it must be said offer better stopping and steering power in full on winter weather but Ireland is never truly arctic and all weather tyres are rated for winter and summer use too. Remember it is vital to buy only from brands you recognise as premium like: Bridgestone, Michelin, Continental, Dunlop/Goodyear, Pirelli etc. At Motorhub we have driven some very poor performing ‘W’ (winter) rated tyres (from Asia) that looked the part but were worse than standard summer tyres for grip in slippy conditions.


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