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Next week the Motorhub team will be attending the Irish launch of the new Ford Mustang. It’s been a long wait for the arrival of this car. In more than fifty years this will be the first time that a right-hand drive model will be officially available. What made the wait even longer was the fact that most Irish motor journalists were hoping it would be launched last September!

In advance of the launch next week, the Motorhub team has decided to put pen to paper and put together some articles about the car. Later this week you will read about Michael Sheridan’s experience filming the new Mustang on a journey across Route 66, and as well as that we are looking forward to some good content from Brian Kellett and Bob Flavin – no pressure lads!

My job is to have a quick glance at some of the big movies in which the Mustang has played a part. I’m only picking five, but trust me when I say this – It’s a hard list to put together. According to Ford, the Mustang has appeared in over 500 movies. Nope, I haven’t seen them all, so I forgive me for my lack of research. If you think I’ve picked the wrong five, then please leave a comment in the box below so the rest of the Motorhub Team can laugh at my efforts.

As noted, the Ford Mustang has appeared in hundreds of movies and TV shows, a lot of which have been small roles. One of my favourite movies that I won’t be adding to this list is Smokey and the Bandit, which featured 1965 Mustang filling up at a shell gas station as Smokey raced by. The part was too small to include. However, a 1987 GT shows up for a few seconds in Back to the Future II and it makes the list because there’s a story behind the trilogy and the Stang.

  1. Back to the Future II – 1987 Ford Mustang GT

I’m a massive fan of the Back to the Future trilogy. The Mustang has a very brief appearance in the movie. It can be seen in this clip after 49 seconds. Robert Zemeckis’s depiction of a 2015 Mustang was pretty far off what we’ll be seeing next week, but it still looks cool though!


Another interesting tie between the Mustang and the trilogy is that apparently the product placement team wanted to swap the DeLorean for a Stang to begin with. The story goes that Ford were willing to pay for the placement, but the screenwriter, Bob Gale, put a stop to the change by saying, “No, no, no, Doc Brown doesn’t drive a f*cking Mustang.’

  1. American Gangster – 1966 Ford Mustang Shelby GT

Josh Brolin plays Detective Trupo in this movie and he drives a 1966 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 350 Replica. The car gets blown up because he messes with Denzel Washington’s character, Frank Lucas. We really hope it was a replica they used, because it would be just wrong to do this to one!

1966 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 350 H Replica American Gangster

  1. Diamonds are Forever – 1971 Mustang Mach I Fastback

We all love a good Bond movie. This chase scene begins with Connery saying “Just relax, I have a friend named Felix who can fix anything”.

  1. I am Legend – 2007 Mustang Shelby GT500

This is probably my favourite scene from the entire movie for a couple of reasons. First off, seeing a deserted version of Manhattan is very surreal. Secondly, the noise from that Shelby GT500 is excellent. So, turn the headphones to loud and enjoy.

  1. Bullitt

I know, how unoriginal, I have Bullitt on my list. To be fair, I think it would be impossible to create a list of this nature without including this mammoth scene. Steve McQueen drives a 1968 Mustang GT390 in this 9 minute 42 second scene. Sadly I couldn’t get the full chase scene on YouTube without somebody adding a music bed to it. Once again, the sound of the engine and the tyres screeching is excellent. Pump up the volume.


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