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Ford has briefed Motorhub on its next generation Ranger Raptor pick up truck. The double-cab pick up has built a great reputation in Europe and Ireland as an easy to live with ‘Ford Performance’ truck. In 2021 its sales went from a 12% market share to 40%. Its automatic gearbox, comfortable cabin coupled to its wonderfully adaptable independent suspension has made it our default goto pick up. The famed Baja mode among others means you can traverse all sorts of terrain with minimal impact on your spine! Its target buyers are what Ford calls ‘fearless independents’. 

The new Ranger Raptor features a refreshed muscular exterior that delivers medical grade levels of testosterone directly into your bloodstream. The mid-sized pick up’s on-street presence was always a USP but it is enhanced. Ford Performance of Australia played a key part ing the Raptor’s development. The new truck is hard to miss as it features a massive embossed ‘FORD’ grille that fills any rear view mirror, new lights, sump guard and a simple but oh so clever rear load box step to aid access to the rear deck. Payload and other key figures remain the same. The cabin is modernised with car-like touch screens, premium leather steering wheel, revised dash and electronic parking brake.

As before the Raptor has permanent 4X4 with RWD two wheel drive selectable. High and Low ratio 4X4. A new front diff-lock joins the rear diff. It is electronic so it can be activated on the move. This means finding and delivering traction will never be an issue with the Ranger Raptor. An additional drive mode brings the total available to 7: Normal, Sport, Slippery, Rock (Low range), Mud & Ruts (max grip), Sand (maintain momentum), Baja (the fastest with all electronics, engine, exhaust, suspension etc. adjusted). Ranger Raptor’s coil spring suspension has been revised and features high grade shock absorbers and adaptive damping that sees Raptor go far beyond normal ‘leaf spring’ rear suspension rivals. Noticeably there is a circa 15-20mm additional amount of front suspension travel. Impressive on road control will combine with exceptional off road dynamics – we’re salivating already!

The sound the truck generates is enhanced and is very meaty thanks to an active flap exhaust system. A bi-turbo diesel 2.2 will be the engine for Ireland its performance figures are not yet finalised. Ford says the petrol version will be available in Ireland! Power from the 3 litre race-bred V6 is 288hp and 491nm (+30%). The V6 features an anti-lag system that helps the new  Raptor be GTI fast! (The basic engine is also used in the the Ford Bronco Raptor in the US – but with a few extra tweaks).

In the future Ford says some form of electrification will be looked at but not with this generation. Ford is confident, even in the current climate crisis says Europe and its Pick Ups have a future. The Ford Ranger Raptor arrives in Ireland towards the end of 2022.


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