Peugeot 3008 Hybrid2 review


Peugeot’s 300hp petrol/electric 3008 Hybrid4 is a very impressive car and to capitalise on the appreciation for plug in hybrid technology the French firm has added a more affordable, lower powered, plug in hybrid to the 3008 range called the Hybrid2.

As you might guess the Hybrid2 is two wheel drive. Our review car is powered by a 1.6 litre four-cylinder petrol engine supplemented by a single electric motor. The Hybrid2 has a combined output of a not too shabby 225hp (& 300nm) that is delivered via an 8-speed automatic gearbox. The front wheel drive hybrid 3008 has a very low CO2 emissions figure of just 31g/km that places it in tax band A1.

The recently facelift 3008 is a very handsome car. Its exterior styling is as good if not better than premium rivals. Inside the cabin, especially in our top grade GT trimmed test car is really plush. The iCockpit high set driver’s dials and low and sporty small steering wheel adds to the sense of occasion. There are plenty of recyclables used in the 3008 production too. We have always liked the 3008 and in its latest guise we continue to rate it highly.

Depending on how you use the plug in hybrid you can be as frugal as you wish. In less than a few hours you can be fully charged at a home wallbox. Average fuel consumption is quoted at anywhere between 1.3 l/100km to 6.5 l/100km. The higher consumption figure is when the car is used with depleted electricity on just petrol power. The rechargeable battery has a 11.6kWh capacity and is charged using a type 2 (AC) socket. The flap for the electric socket is on the opposite side of the petrol filler flap on its rear three quarters.

The 3008 Hybrid2 is a nippy machine and can hustle itself along with little effort. Put the foot down and 0-100km/h can be dispatched in 8.9 seconds. The suspension setting is soft and this is perfect for daily use but no fun at all for dynamic or spirited cornering. If you take the twisty long way home it will be to enjoy the scenery or perhaps the Focal sound system on our test car.

The Hybrid2 is more expensive buy than standard engined 3008s and can be had from €44,845 in Allure trim (level 2). Our GT test car starts from €47,415. We had the optional ‘Nera Blac’ paint (€720). ‘Mistral’ Nappa leather his an option for €2,950. The Hybrid4 is GT trim only and costs from €52,030.

In November this year the 1,000,000th 3008 rolled off the production line at the Sochaux plant, France. Peugeot says Europe accounts for 65% 3008 sales. Its major markets outside Europe are Turkey, Israel, Japan and Egypt. More than 80% of the PEUGEOT 3008’s sales are of automatic gearbox versions. You can read our Hybrid4 review from September 2020 here:

The 3008 Hybrid2 is a very good car that when used correctly is a very green machine and a super family car.


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