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Doublecab pick ups are incredibly honest vehicles. They are workorses designed to be functional first and foremost. Pick ups are built on sturdy ladder chassises with mechanical bits and pieces unnderneath that have to be durable and dependable. In the past cabin comfort was never high on a manufacturers list as drivers had to endure cramped interiors… but not so anymore. There are superb pickups out there like the VW Amorak, Nissan Navara and Toyota HiLux but Korean giant SsangYong wants a chunk of the growing market with its Korando Sports.

ssangyong korando sports

We took the latest SsanyYong Korando Sports fitted with its new four cylinder e-XDi engine out on test and straight away, it felt at home in the well appointed five-seat cabin. The Korean firm is on a roll at the moment in Ireland with a range of passenger vehicles that is expanding. From the compact but well equipped Tivoli SUV to the massive Rodius MPV there is a size in the range to suit all. A significant new engine has arrived this year too in the shape of the e-XDi 2-litre diesel energising the brand. Power for a pickup is everything and the Korando Sport has 155hp, but more importantly 360Nm of torque. Part time all wheel drive lets you drive in two wheel drive on the road with the option of high and low all-wheel drive for off roading. Six-speed manual is standard but you can order a six-speed automatic – something that more commercials are being fitted with these days. Suspension is double wishbone up front and five-link at the rear with coil springs (not leaf) and there are disc brakes front and rear. The ride is good and overall it is a pretty easy machine to drive. 16 inch alloys are standard but 18s are optional.

ssangyong korando sport

You can optionally specify Korando Sports with a fix or detachable tow bar (both are wired). Leisure users can also specify a clamp on ball bicycle carrier while trailer towers will appreciate the 2,300kg braked trailer capacity. Korando Sport’s weight depends on the models specification and ranges from 1,982kg – 2,035kg. Its maximum cargo weight capacity ranges from 330kg – 383kg, again it depends on specification. Towing capcity of the diesel is 2.3 tonnes (braked).

The Korando Sports, next to an SUV is a long vehicle at 4,990mm but that almost 5 metre length is around the norm for a doublecab pickup. At 1,790mm tall and 1,910mm wide Korando Sports is a perfect size for getting around a building site or farm yard. For nervous parkers there are options to help parking like rear parking sensors or a Kenwood Sat Nav that comes with a reversing camera although it wasn’t connected on our test car and we had to judge the distance with our mirrors.

ssangyong korando sport

SsangYong has a proud heritage that stretches back some 60 years. €30K or there abouts including VAT gets you a Korando Sports and thats not a bad asking price. With the economy turning and the building trade taking off again, this vehicle will be on many a shopping list.


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