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Every now and then manufacturers come out with that extra special model of a car, and yesterday I was lucky enough to spend 24 hours with one such mark. My heart will break a little this afternoon when I hand back the keys of the new Skoda Superb L&K.

Superb L&K

Superb L&K

The new Skoda Superb L&K (Laurin and Klement) is a top-spec Superb which will leave passengers and drivers with a warm feeling due to great comfort and nice performance. This car is brand new to Ireland. It only landed on our shores last week, and this particular vehicle has left this motoring journalist wanting more. Everything, from its’ 18” Sirius alloy wheels to the Laurin & Klement badges on both front fenders, oozes class.

18" Sirius alloy wheels

18″ Sirius alloy wheels

From a distance this does look like your run of the mill Superb, but it’s when you get closer and closer to the vehicle that you notice that there is something more regal about this car. You’ll begin to be drawn-in by the spell of the “Black-Magic Perleffect” colour. As you step closer you see those alloys and an unfamiliar badge on the front fender. Step another step closer and you start to see the leather seats appearing through the window of the Superb L&K. Step even closer and have a gander in the window and you will see pure luxury. You will notice the superior space to the rear and the amazing lounge of room to the front. You’ll note that the dash is wonderfully laid out and if you’re looking at the particular model I tested you might even spy the DSG logo on the automatic gear stick.

Black Magic colour and L&K logo

Black Magic colour and L&K logo

Sit inside the Superb L&K and you might notice your feet are resting on a “lounge step” on the floor mats. Watch the relaxation on the faces of all your passengers as they realise that the leather seats to the front and to the rear are heated.

Push the start button and put the foot down a small bit as you take-off and you might feel an inkling of the 170bhp that this model offers. Drive comfortably down the road and you will hear the engine change gears seamlessly with the DSG gearbox. Don’t worry about parking this 4.8m machine, press the button and let the Park Assist with perpendicular parking do it for you.

What I’m getting at is that this vehicle at first glance appears to be a cauldron of comforts. This mix comes at a price above that of a “normal” Superb. The model I tested (2.0 TDI DSG) will set you back €40,615, which when you compare it to other high-spec, high-luxury models, isn’t too bad. But it’s at this price point where you start considering your options. The starting price for a 1.4TSI 125bhp Skoda Superb at the lowest trim is €25,995 and there are a lot of steps, engines and options to bring you up to this test cars’ price point.

I’m  told that the Superb L&K I was driving has a top-speed of 222km/h and that it will give you 0-100km/h in 8.6 seconds. In terms of road tax the DSG model will cost you €390 per year, and if you opt for a manual version that yearly price will decrease to €200 – but the question is, would you be willing to pay €190 extra per year for the DSG version? I think I’d be willing.

Skoda have this to say about the Superb L&K, “Laurin & Klement (L&K) is reserved for the most premium customers with the greatest expectations of quality”, and after my brief day with the L&K, I hear what they’re saying. This is a beautiful car.


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