Dealer Video Courses

The Motorhub Team Dealer Video & Digital Training

Want to know how to make better dealer video to sell you vehicles? Want to save cash by videoing them yourself?
Want them to look great?

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Motorhub Team has the course for you. No need to buy fancy camera gear, we’ll teach you to shoot great video with what you’ve got. Bring your iPhones, camcorders, smartphones, or anything you own with a camera and we’ll teach you to make great video.


This one day course will also teach you some best practice ideas for social media, and more.

What we cover:
What is social media used for?
What types of social media suit your business?
What is SEO and why should I worry about it?
How do I get video into my media?
Copyright and the obscure laws, why you shouldn’t mess with them.

Practical lessons
Videos, how to shoot like a pro on a phone.
Editing the basics.
Photography as art for your sales channel.
Time management for your social, when do you stop tweeting?

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